Re: Kent University’s Upcoming 9/11 Truth Debate

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-06-17 12:09:06

Hi Hillary. Sorry you never got there. Wish I could have; it would have been FUN!This is often the case when doing a fundamental search for 9/11 truth. We who are familiar with the concept can’t easily put ourselves in the shoes of somebody new to the subject. I think if I were a newcomer, I’d have been mightily impressed by Henshall and Campbell in the debate, at the same time that seeds of doubt were sown in my mind by Shambrook (an apt name!) in the phoney war over how explosives could or could not have been installed and controlled, “Wouldn’t people in the WTC have noticed?” etc. I’ve put this in a comment in Part 2. I also am annoyed by what Noel says in this video: Simon Free fall HD at 10:30. I have put a comment in the box. I reproduce it here in case it gets removed: ” ‘Judy Wood’, or Dr Judy Wood to give her her proper name, has never used words like “rays” or “laser beams” in her work. (‘Space beams’ and ‘Star Trek phasers’ are other common misquotes) She says that there is evidence that a direct energy weapon of a previously unknown kind was used.” Simon Free fall HD Simon day explains the term “free fall” for non physicists. View on Preview by Yahoo  

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