Re: FW:UK Column – YouTube videos pulled

From: Hilary Kitching

Date: 2014-06-26 13:19:51

I am sorry but i dont feel that Brian Gerrish and his UK Column are a genuine interest towards the health of our society and politically they are working to destroy Scottish Independence as well as supporting UKIP which wants to bring down the establishment, in other words encourage disorder which is not what i and many other Brits want.   I would rather stay in the EU and have the Conservatives and David Cameron than have what Gerrish and Farrage want. There have been quite a few people who have contacted B.Gerrish with regards to needing help and advice and he doesnt even respond so thats an issue to start with.   I would write a much more detailed outline of the problems with UK Column etc, but i am typing this on an Arabic keyboard in an internet cafe in Tangiers and its a struggle to type accurately and fast enough without losing the thread of what im saying here. More will be added to this subject when i return in July.   Regards Hilary

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