Markus Allen’s Disappearing Buildings on 9/11

By Mark Conlon 8th July 2014

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This is the third analysis that I have conducted into claims made by Markus Allen in relation to a historical video taken by Michael Herzarkhani on September 11th 2001, whereby Michael Herzarkhani captured video footage of ‘Flight 175’ hitting the South Tower.

To my disbelief Markus Allen has yet another claim about the Michael Herzarkhani video. He now claims that the surrounding buildings are missing from the Michael Herzarkhani video footage. At first glance the claim can seem quite convincing and credible, especially if you are not as familiar with the evidence he provides to prove his claim. (Luckily I’m very familiar with the videos and photographical evidence of ‘Flight 175’). 

Below is a screen shot from his website: 


To advance his new claim Markus Allen provides a ‘snap shot’ (or single frame) from the Michael Herzarkhani video to convince people that the buildings are missing from the video, thus proving ‘video fakery’ in Markus Allen’s opinion, which seems to be the on-going agenda regarding the Michael Herzarkhani video. 


In my analysis I will demonstrate some of the inaccurate observations made by Markus Allen or at worst suggest a deliberate attempt to distort video evidence, to forward his own agenda to promote video fakery.
The ‘snap-shot’ below is a single frame taken from the Michael Herzarkhani video, which Markus Allen uses on his website to claim that buildings are missing from the Michael Herzarkhani video footage. 
Let’s take a closer look at Markus Allen’s claims, by studying all the available evidence, and not just a deceptive and selective single snap-shot taken from the Michael Herzarkhani video footage.


To understand which buildings Markus Allen believes are missing from the Michael Herzarkhani video, I will use some comparison pictures which point out the two buildings in more detail, so we can gain a better understanding of the two buildings and their locations.


See the comparison pictures below:






In the comparison pictures above I’ve pointed out the main two buildings in question so we can gain a better understanding of their locations, so we can locate them in the Michael Herzarkhani video.


Below: I’ve used a comparison picture compared to a later ‘zoomed out’ shot in the Michael Herzarkhani raw version video. Clearly the two buildings I’ve pointed out in the comparison picture are also visible in the Michael Herzarkhani raw version video picture.

Note: If you want to view the Michael Herzarkhani  video I’m using in this article please follow this link –
Below I’m using an identical snap-shot from the Michael Herzarkhani raw version video, which is at the same  moment in time as Markus Allen’s snap-shot video picture. I’ve pointed out the buildings in question in Michael Herzarkhani’s raw video version, which Markus Allen claims are "MISSING".


(Markus Allen Snap-Shot – Below )

Several problems and anomalies arise when we view these two pictures together

Below I’ve highlighted the cropped areas using red lines which I’ve inserted on to the Michael Herzarkhani raw version video below to help highlight the cropped areas on Markus Allen’s snap-shot video picture, which can clearly be seen when compared to the Michael Herzarkhani raw version video picture.

The explosion in the Markus Allen picture seems to be cut off at the top of the explosion,

whereas in the Michael Herzarkhani raw version video picture the explosion can be seen in full. The same problem happens with the bottom of the Markus Allen picture, where the buildings have been cut off and cannot be seen? Yet in the Michael Herzarkhani raw version video picture that I’ve used, the buildings in question can be seen underneath the South Tower, along with the other buildings on the right hand side of picture, which have also been cut off in the Markus Allen picture. What does this suggest?
This could suggest that Markus Allen’s video snap-shot picture has either been cropped to remove the buildings or another possible explanation is the aspect ratio that the video has been previously recorded in or uploaded to, is incorrect, which could suggest why it has been inadvertently cut-off at the top, bottom and right hand side of the video picture. This explanation does have some problems though, as both sides should have been altered when the aspect ratio is incorrect. This is NOT so in the Markus Allen snap-shot video picture, as only the top, bottom and right hand side are altered, as the left hand side is displaying normally and unaltered. The question has to be asked, has Markus Allen’s video picture snap-shot been deliberately cropped? And if so WHY? 
In my analysis below there does appear to be evidence of a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the two buildings location, as the red arrow does NOT point to the real location area of the two buildings that Markus Allen claims are MISSING? I’ve corrected the area on the picture below with two red arrows where the real location of the two buildings are. The picture analysis below also suggests evidence that three sides of the video picture used by Markus Allen have been cropped out. Does this suggest another attempt to deliberately mislead the viewer? 



Picture above: shows the frame of reference of Markus Allen’s snap-shot when overlaid on top of the Michael Herzarkhani raw version video picture, which demonstrates the cropping of the video to remove the buildings from the video picture.
We can only assume from Markus Allen’s previous attempts of disinformation regarding the Michael Herzarkhani video (which my other two previous analysis/studies disproved), that he continues with his on-going effort to discredit the Michael Herzarkhani’s video evidence as fake. He continues to perpetuated and facilitate the circulation and recirculation of his inaccurate material about the Michael Herzarkhani Flight 175 video widely across the, not only on his own website, but also on other people’s websites who are unknowingly spreading disinformation. Markus Allen is knowingly spreading disinformation, and yes I use the word "knowingly" as he is quite happy to leave his ‘Flight 175 (rare video)’ on his YouTube Channel when he knows that there is inaccurate and misleading information contained in his video, which has been promoted across the This is why the situation regarding Markus Allen appears to be another sinister attempt to discredit the Michael Herzarkhani ‘Flight 175’ video as fake.


The buildings can be clearly identified in the Michael Herzarkhani video footage below.



Clearly yet again Markus Allen has committed a “WHOPPING ERROR” regarding the missing buildings in the Michael Herzarkhani video footage. From previous history regarding Markus Allen’s research in this area of this historic video, he continues to promote lies and spread falsehoods, which he is more than happy to do, for which he has clearly been exposed past and present. 


This case is CLOSED!

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