UK Column, Hollie Greig and Israel

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2014-07-30 14:03:03

Hello everyone I came across this broadcast by Keelan Balderson, – Hollie Greig Story A Hoax? and I feel what he has to say is very compelling and makes as lot of sense. I myself have witnessed the Aberdeen Hollie Greig group undermining anyone interested in real 9/11 or 7/7 truth and they have edged out truthers wanting more answers and street leafletting on these topics in favour of Hollie Greig, time and again. Robert(Goody-Two Shoes)Green’s claims are unfounded i’m afraid. If he is correct then let’s see the paper work.  Hollie Greig Story A Hoax? Oct 14, 2012, WideShut Webcast  Hollie Greig Story A Hoax? Oct 14, 2012, WideShut W… Is the Hollie Greig case a hoax? That’s the opinion of disaffected former supporters of the story, who went searching for basic evidence to support the claim… View on Preview by Yahoo   Another suspect organisation is the UK Column. I had subscribed to them for nearly two years and not once did they write about real 7/7 or 9/11 evidence. Surely the significance of these events is far more important that an unprovable Hollie Greig story or the possibility of a Bradbury Pound or the British Constitution Group’s goals and activities.  UK Column Tops Controlled Alternative Jewsmedia Sham Sites UK Column Tops Controlled Alternative Jewsmedia Sh… UPDATE: IN WHAT LOOKS EITHER LIKE A RIDICULOUS ACT OF FRIENDLY FIRE FROM SOME REGIME CENSORSHIP-EMPOWERED ELITE… View on Preview by Yahoo  No I’m not anti-Jewish, but this blogger makes some valid points about the paper.  More Israel bashing by David Icke to keep you distracted from Dr Judy Wood’s work:Red Ice Radio intvw with the Icke included in Zen article:  Could all of the above be tools to undermine and distract conscientious truth searchers from achieving any common ground and progress towards a legitimate national/international trial using Dr Wood’s 9/11 evidence?  I suggest it is.  RegardsHilary 

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