Re: Richard Gage (AE911) on C-Span

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-08-06 21:46:33

Never trust We Are Change! Here they are “asking” Gage about Dr Judy Wood, or “Judy Wood” as they call her. In fact they ask him nothing, they just give him a free hand to spew an obviously prepared monologue about how “the spire fell”, “the steel spread out”, “no strange smoke clouds”, “Molten iron did the toasted cars” (that’s the daftest one of all) etc. They don’t challenge him, they don’t even interject until after five minutes. Molten Richard Gage asked about Judy Wood: Conspiracy Con 2013 Richard Gage asked about Judy Wood: Conspiracy Co… We Are Change TV asked Richard Gage about Jody Wood’s views on 9/11. We put him on the spot, but he was nice about answering our questions. Visit AE911 T… View on Preview by Yahoo  

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