FW: Fouche – FOIA – Military Records Posted – Ed’s comments – Please

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-09-11 08:11:27

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It also doesn’t show my third Meritorious Service medal which was awarded upon my retirement as the DoD Liaison from SAC. I think the other medals and awards (several) were continued on the back side or second sheet.   My DD-214 I received upon retirement in 1987 showed them on the backside of the DD 214.     www.david-hilton.net…   This document is dated 1979.  Only covers the first 12 years of my service.  (68-79) As before it doesn’t show any of my assignments before Cannon AFB NM. Don’t know why?   It also doesn’t show all 14 of my Air Force Specialty Codes (DAFSC).  It only shows six. It is VERY UNUSUAL for any NCO (Airman) to have more than two or three Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC).   The last block/line shows “F15 MTS Shift Chief” when in fact I was the ‘F15 MTS Shop NCOIC.’ I was also in charge of fielding the F15 TEWS/TITE ECM Automatic Test Equipment and A/C support. That would be the seventh AFSC.     www.david-hilton.net…   This document is from the first year of my service.  I’m surprised at what they deleted. Ha… I’m assuming the ‘Other Education’ blocks are blackened out because it was NSA Crypto training.   Under awards it shows SAEMR which is ‘Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon’ and it says NO (Presented). This is clearly an error as the SAEMR is shown on my DD-214 posted above (2)   Google:  SOG 227 Vietnam, an explanation for the ‘missing’ awards.’    The ‘Test Results’ are blackened out… Why?  Don’t know other than I pretty much aced them all.   The ‘Personnel Security Clearance’ says secret, which it was my first year in the USAF. I’d like to know why they blackened it out, as to what agency and what types of security investigations I was subjected to. Senator Russell’s name comes to mind.  Dan knows what I’m talking about.       www.david-hilton.net…   The above document only covers my Air Force reserve time (1967) through my year long training at Keesler AFB and then my assignment to Cannon AFB in 1969.   ‘F-111 Airborne Navigation’ meant I was on flight status, yeah, extra pay.  I flew as crew or FCF (Functional Check Flight) engineer for the F-111A, F-111D, F-111F, and EF-111 and MANY other aircraft.  I was handpicked ‘cadre’ while I was still in school at Keesler.  There were NO airman in the program when I arrived at Cannon AFB.  Just NCOs and Officers.  My favorite was a flight on the B-52 and the back seat on an F-15. I once set the whole flight in the copilot’s seat on a C-5 from Japan to Alaska , west to east as the sun was coming up in the east. Awsome.   “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.”  Really   www.david-hilton.net…   This is one of two Commendation Medals I received.  Note it says “by his shop.” Proof that my previous comment about me being the NCOIC of my own shop.   This was awarded in 1982.  In total I was awarded three Meritorious Service Medals, which is quite a proud accomplishment by NCO or Officer.  In 1981 and 1982 I was the Assistant Integrated Avionics Superintendant for the 6100 Depot at Kadena AFB, Okinawa Japan.  You will also note that I went from Staff Sergeant to Master Sergeant (79-82) in less than four years!   Some of the deletions in the above documents I understand. Others I don’t. However there is NOTHING that contradicts what I’ve been saying and talking about, including my career since the early 90s.    I’ve been called a liar, hoaxer, and faker by these blatant and obvious government trolls and disinformation agents for 20 years.  Hope this puts this nonsense to bed.    Ask any senior NCO or Officer from any branch of the military to look at my training, many different technical and engineering specialties, and many awards and decorations and see if they don’t tell you I was definitely in the top 2%.    As you have all seen I worked for a two star USAF general the last 7+ years of my service as the DoD Liaison to the Defense Industry for SAC and many other USAF commands.   Please forward or post as you will.  Just take my email address of please. Ed   PS:  Seems like most of my records after I became the DoD Liaison to the Defense Industry for many USAF Major Commands are not included, OR David Hilton hasn’t posted them on purpose.       

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