Dane Wigington and Richard Gage – Lying Together about 911 Evidence

by Andrew Johnson – ad.johnson@ntlworld….

30 Sep 2014


This “event” was recently brought to my attention – from about 55 minutes till the end of this recording (archived here). I am highlighting this because Dane Wigington runs the Geoengineering Watch WebsiteSo why did he not mention the very likely case of Geoengineering that took place around the time of 9/11?

For those not familiar with how often Richard Gage has lied, see this page. Proof of his lies can be seen and heard.

Why oh why doesn’t Wigington check his facts? Why is he joining in with the lies about evidence being denied? All he has to do is look at www.drjudywood.com/ or read the “Where Did the Towers Go?”  Contents pages: 

What hope is there if these basic lies continue to be promulgated by people like Wigington? Again, neither of them even talk about Hurricane Erin on 911! www.drjudywood.com/a…

Here is a partial transcript of the relevant portion of the interview/discussion.

Wigington: The whole 911 issue bottom to top there is really nothing that supports the official story and everything that supports the conclusions that your group… and again how could you have a stronger group than that – 2200 people… I know there’s a lot of disinformation – we talked about this off the air… a lot of people that want to grab at straws.. And they grab at, you know I’ve seen mentioned the laser beams from space and all this sort of stuff… It’s been designed to make people reject the actual facts. (bla bla)


Gage: Regarding Judy Wood and her theory of directed energy weapons… what she does is look at the site around the towers and tries to find unusual evidence to try to support an unusual theory – that she doesn’t even know what evidence would support that theory because we don’t know anything about directed energy weapons or how they work. We don’t even know if they exist. We know there are experimental programmes… But in the process what Judy Wood does is deny the scientific forensic evidence that we do have for nanonthermite… (bla bla) she also denies the evidence for explosives… (bla)


Wigington: We have 1 person Dr Judy Wood ignoring evidence and disputing literally not just 2200 experts but many more when you count all these other first responders that heard the explosions. One person denying who knows how many – 2500, 3000 experts from various fields. Which would people be reasonable in believing? Obviously you guys are standing on solid ground. Nobody else is.

Why is Dane Wigington singling out Dr Judy Wood in this manner? For “true believers” in thermite etc, what will they think when hearing Dr Wood’s name mentioned in this context?

If Gage is so convinced about thermite, why did he “pass” on putting it in the 2007 RFC? See here for more information 911thermitefree.blog… or read my free ebook tinyurl.com/911ftb. Evidence compiled by Dr Judy Wood was submitted to court in 2007!

Aside from 911 evidence itself, what Wigington said about Gage’s group is rather ridiculous – he talked about how many members had signed up for AE911 and how that validated what they said. This is ridiculous logic – 100’s of thousands of “experts” are “signed up” with the official story of 911 (and geoengineering issues). By DW’s logic, they must be right and everyone else must be wrong. Or should we just give him a “free pass” on 911 because he has a large audience on geoengineering issues…? Also, by DW’s logic, wouldn’t it be better if AE911 had even more members, because then what they said would be even more truthful…?

Because of my long past experience of dealing with people who tell some truth and then deceive, he has not given me a good basis on which to trust him or his research – if he’s made an honest mistake about 911, and corrects what he has said then fair enough, I will be able to look more deeply  into what he has said.

Perhaps we should note his connection to  Bechtel and note the sorts of projects that large corporation undertakes and who its customers are.

If people who claim to be revealing truths about geoengineering don’t want to talk about Hurricane Erin and the events of 9/11, I cannot help but think this is strange.  My experience up to now has shown me that the combination of what DW said and what he didn’t say amounts to an ongoing cover up of the events of 911.

Addendum – June 2015

It seems that several people have written to Dane Wigington about 911 and he has refused to acknowledge the evidence. Listen to this clip from 02 June 2015, which was sent to me by someone (who has similar interests in 911 and Geoengineering). It seems Hurricane Erin is a taboo for Mr Wigington…


For those interested in the “climate change issue” please download my free ebook here:

Book: Climate Change and Global Warming – Exposed: Hidden Evidence, Disguised Plans

Also note that Wigington also “attacked” G Edward Griffin, who he worked with for a while Griffin is a long time researcher/speaker and author – and even made “World Without Cancer” in the 1970’s

There was similar bust up between Wigington and Michael Murphy a few years ago

CHEMTRAILS WAR between Michael Murphy and Dane Wigington

I think Murphy was trying to do the right thing, but had his own problems (as you can find out with further research).

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