Ed Fouche – Comments on “Finding the Secret Space Programme” Present

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-10-12 23:02:09

I’ve now made a more complete posting on my website here:   www.checktheevidence…   I’ve added all the links I used underneath the video (so that folks can reference all the material more easily.   Ed did not think I should’ve included the Bob Lazar and Richard Boylan information – but I did try to point out the questionable nature of some of their statements At 1 hour and 32 minutes you don’t mention the Illinois Triangle sightings by several police officers. The most credible sighting of the Triangle I know of. www.ufoevidence.org/… www.youtube.com/watc… www.youtube.com/watc…  (At 2 minutes and 18 minutes)    I  disagree with the way you presented the ‘enlarged space tile’ that is triangle shaped. It wasn’t until recently, this year, that NASA put the picture on their web site. Seen at:  1 hour and 28 minutes in your video.


  Why did it take them 10 years to come up with this mega sized picture?  To the last point, I replied: “It might have only been added more recently as the file is very large (100MB’s +) which would increase the bandwidth usage etc etc – a weak argument admittedly, but possible. but it really does look like a broken piece of something to me – you can see a little fragment of material next to it as well.”

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