Lunar Anomalies – “SOMEBODY ELSE IS ON THE MOON” – George Leonard

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-10-26 21:37:26

Someone on Facebook posted a link to “SOMEBODY ELSE IS ON THE MOON” – George Leonard –…     This book (which is mentioned one or more times in Ingo Swann’s “Penetration” book –…) is about anomalies/structures on the moon – I read the first couple of chapters and it’s quite interesting, although it’s almost 40 years old, so the photos in it are not that clear. Nevertheless, it prompted me to do a little more investigation into Moon Anomalies (I have been put off by some of what Richard Hoagland has said about enormous glass structures and what not). The topic of Lunar Anomalies is something John Lear has also talked about, though I haven’t been totally convinced by all of what he has said about certain photos.   However, there are a few that are not too difficult to find on official websites and they are clearly anomalous. After an hour or two of searching, I found a couple below.   This one is from Lunar Orbiter 3 (…) which flew around the moon in 1967…   I later found  a blog –… showed a couple of anomalies on an image captured in Nov 2008 by the Indian Space Research Organisation’s probe Chandraayan 1 (pds-imaging.jpl.nasa…)   There are probably a fair few other anomalies in the Lunar Reconnaissance orbiter Data – which you can browse through – in “Google map” style here.…,;lroc_feat_images,F,;moon_ft,T,;=InstrumentFootprints=m3_fprints,F,50;nac_fprints,F,100;=ClementineProducts=lclem_mr,F,100;=Chandrayaan1Products=m3_mosaic_op2c3,F,100;m3_mosaic_op2c2,F,100;m3_mosaic_op2c1,F,100;m3_mosaic_op2b,F,100;m3_mosaic_op2a,F,100;m3_mosaic_op1b,F,100;m3_mosaic_op1a,F,100;l_ch1_mrf,F,100;=LRODivinerMapProducts=dlre_stn,F,50;dlre_st,F,50;dlre_ra,F,50;dlre_cf,F,25;=LROMiniRFProducts=l_lro_mrf,F,100;=LROLROCNAC=lnpm,F,100;lnpole,F,100;lnbrowse,F,100;lorthonac,F,100;lndtms,F,100;lndtmcs,F,100;=LROLROCBasemaps=wac_demclrshd2_128ppd,F,30;wac_albedo,F,100;wac_far,F,100;wac_near,F,100;wac_bw_v1_par,F,100;wac_bw_v1_plus_nacs,T,100;=#   It may be possible to use Google Earth/Moon to do the same thing, but I haven’t checked if the Google Moon data includes the latest high resolution images from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (which are supposed to be 0.5m per pixel).

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