Recent ADJ and Dr Judy Wood Interviews

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-10-27 08:29:23

 Matthew Horbury has kindly spent a lot of time and conducted 3 interviews with myself and Dr Judy Wood – I have down-sampled the original audios and posted them at the links below. Thanks also to (Ric Ritenour of www.shakeandwakeradi…).   There are some details of the court cases that we haven’t often discussed and one or two other bits and pieces about the figures in the Scholars group.   Also, Richie Allen, who has done shows with Richard Gage and Jim Fetzer asked to talk to me about Mars Anomalies on Friday last week. However, he gave me the perfect lead in to talk about 911 when he mentioned Russell Brand’s comments in a recent BBC interview. I was able to point out to Richie that Richard Gage is a liar – and that I had the proof this is true (see Fortunately, the conversation remained civil and we went on to talk about some of the Mars Anomalies that I have posted on my website (see ).   Red Pill Raw Truth.2014-10-23 Matthew Horbury – Dr Judy Wood – Andrew Johnson – 911.mp3 (29.3 MB) (Modified: Oct 26 2014 08:26:23 AM) 2014_10_24 – Andrew Johnson – Volcania Radio – Richie Allen – Mars and 911.mp3 (9.2 MB) (Modified: Oct 25 2014 08:49:06 AM) 2014-10-09-RedPillRawTruth-DrJudyWood-Andrew Johnson-911 etc.mp3 (57 MB) (Modified: Oct 12 2014 09:28:38 PM) Red Pill Raw Truth Episode – Andrew Johnson-Matthew Horbury.mp3 (28.9 MB) (Modified: Oct 04 2014 04:28:54 PM)    

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