Fireworks and Space Travel, Aliens and Scientists

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2014-10-31 23:25:32

Following the 2 stories below, I wonder when folks are going to wake up to the idea that using fireworks for manned space travel isn’t the best method. Perhaps someone working in black programmes, such as the 30-year old TR3-3B would care to comment.……   Mind you, if you get your propaganda and programming right, people will put up with just about any cr*p that is fed to them – whether it is about food, water, energy, health or politics or – well, anything really!   And of course, just talk about “secret missions” and show some 70-year old year old (if optimised) technology……   That will keep the “doubt factor” at just the right level!   In the month when a simple, if rather clumsy video of Boyd Bushman was posted on YouTube, disclosing some of the information that was given to him… UK Celebrity Scientist and gatekeeper Dr Brian Cox claimed something along the lines of “alien life is impossible”…   Evidence denial at it’s finest! “Give him a knighthood, pronto!”    

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