Big Brother Watch – Plan to Map Illegal Fishing From Space

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Date: 2014-11-14 12:34:16 article headline 13/11/14 :    Plan to Map Illegal Fishing From Space  Illicit fishing goes on every day at an industrial scale. But large commercial fishers are about to get a new set of overseers: conservationists—and soon the general public—armed with space-based reconnaissance of the global fleet.Crews on big fishing boats deploy an impressive arsenal of technology—from advanced sonars to GPS navigation and mapping systems—as they chase down prey and trawl the seabed. These tools are so effective that roughly a third of the world’s fisheries are now overharvested, and more than three-quarters of the stocks that remain have hit their sustainable limits, according to the FAO. For some species, most of the catch is unreported, unregulated, or flat-out illegal.The Plan to Map Illegal Fishing From Space

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