Re: My Review of Methodical Illusion by Rebekah Roth

From: benthejrporter

Date: 2014-12-15 20:38:38

Hmm, the publishing house appears to have only two titles. It might be owned by the author. I’ve read the book Modus Operandi 9/11 by Hal Sissons. Sissons deliberately left the tower destruction ambiguous, but he’s a friend of Gavid Ray Griffin so was probably as thermitically correct as Rebekah Roth.: HPANWO Voice: Hal Sisson HPANWO Voice: Hal Sisson This is a kind of an obituary, although it’s for somebody who died over two years ago. View on hpanwo-voice.blogspo… Preview by Yahoo    KTYS Media KTYS Media 1 Home Windsweeping Methodical Illusion Contact Us Designed using Homestead website templates. Create a website today. Welcome to KTYS Media KTY… View on Preview by Yahoo   

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