Re: Myles Power reviews WDTTG

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-01-14 13:53:45

Thanks for those comments! Yes, we are familiar with this character and I found out that he may have, perhaps, been “chosen” as a kind of debunker. What I mean is, he got some special treatment…   Myles Power is probably is not his real name:…   He does “sceptics in the pub talks” apparently – and he’s doing one in Newcastle soon, I think.   Thomas Potter has filed a DMCA against this dude on behalf of Dr Judy Wood because he posted scanned images from the WDTTG book:…   (it’s not a review, it’s a debunk)., There seems to be more to him than initially meets the eye – he may have been “sponsored” by Google… quote from this page: ============”He got his start — or at least a bump up the YouTube rankings — after being asked by Google’s video site to become something called an “EDU guru”, which basically means they flew the Brit to San Francisco to teach him how better to share his passion for science education online.”=========How interesting…. when he is self-proclaimed debunker. He gets free publicity too!

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