Kurt Sonnenfeld extradition

From: tognola

Date: 2015-01-31 08:13:05

Jan31,2015Fernando Tognola911truth SwitzerlandHi Andrew and folks, I haven’t seen the footage released in 2014, the timing is weird because recently Argentina decided to have him extradited. Back in 2002 there is this hard to understand motives of the alleged suicide of his wife, may her rest in peace. But it seems that the footage was “found” on an old hard drive and posted at 911blogger, which makes things even more strange considering the pains I had with some of those sources as well as 911research. I usually take it with prudence and I am able to make sense in general. Here, I am confused.  I am only now going to take the time to study the footage, I have been busy with the France ordeal, the more subtle parts of the conspiracy within Freemasons , satanic ways of control, ,the NATO Ops  pitting Russia to war, …and more “useful” things like plotting FOIA maps and  modeling the WTC which will be finished it this year.But at a loose of perspective, I relay on intuition and this Kurt Sonnenfeld affair seems to me to be big and very recent. Anyone up to date with the Kurt Sonnenfeld affair? Any Orientation?Best regards to all, Fernando

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