Re: Who Wrote Shakespeare’s Plays?

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-02-12 12:07:11

Hello Andrew, very interesting and whilst it puts forward a different author than the one I came across i.e. Edward De Vere in the youtube below, it does make a very strong case for that Italian lady whom I heard as a potential author from another area of research I was looking at. My main point to this post is that until about a year ago I’d never really looked much at Shakespeare as I’ve never read much of that body of work and only seen 1 play many years ago (Mainly because I thought it would make me seem more educated rather than a real interest in the subject ;o)  ) But, when I listened to the below audio what struck me was the thought, how could any serious scholar in this area and there are millions of academics who’s whole career are based on Mr Shakespeare, actually think that this illiterate, untraveled, non-musical, unschooled, unconnected to any establishment body or royal court possibly be the author of the most quoted literary works ever (The Bible aside)? Its a nonsense to think this trader would even know what happened in Royal courts to the detail that is in the works or know any Latin or Italian never mind understanding how to incorporate the subtle comical nuisances of local geographical slang that is apparently on nearly ever page of every play?But, what this and every other subject that this forum and my own research shows, is that this is just another massive cover-up that reveals that those who are tasked with the cover-up in ALL of these ‘related’ areas have been doing so for as far back as recorded history goes and makes me not trust ANY form of written history these days. I find I have to listen or read what’s before me and use my intuition, my critical thinking and my limited understanding of the tool referred to as the Trivium, to see if it stacks up or as in the case of any 911 research I’ve done other than that of Dr Wood it never does.EDWARD DE VERE, 17th Earl of Oxford – real Shakespeare – full video

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