Clint Richardson – Weather Modification and Geo Engineering

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-02-12 14:15:41

Hello all, I thought I’d post this Blog from a person that I grow more and more in admiration of his research and commitment to the things he finds and even more at the way he will recant and change his expressed views when he finds errors in his thinking or previous research. This as you all will know is rare in these circles of Truth Seekers.I highly recommend his websites and radio show on RBN (of Deanna Spingola fame).Here is a flavour of the sort of research he does on all his subjects, this one being I know close to your heart Andrew i.e. Geo-Engineering. Clint, has also come up with a plan to stop it legally and is persuing it along with others and his approach is also valid any where in the world that uses the Crown based legal system.realitybloger.wordpr…, I’d be very surprised if the audience here don’t concur with my findings of Mr Richardson.

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