Re: Putin, Pravada, Gordon Duff, Nukes, 911

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-02-16 10:57:38

I completely agree with your analysis Andrew and as you know I’ve challenged several “Alternative Media” radio show hosts with these points as a way to ‘Out’ them and each time they either avoid my very specific questions, or point me at RG’s verbiage (I can’t use the term ‘work’) or never reply after my email with the questions, despite replying before I ask them? I’ve just recently being looking at Gnosticmedia site and there is some great information/interviews but is it a 80-90% outlet for the truth seeker that shields the most important 20-10% of information?  Well, I’ve asked Jan Irving some polite but pointed specific questions about his 911 research and his knowledge of Dr Wood’s work. Not had a reply yet so I’ll wait and re-send a second time just.I’m due to email one of our own home grown ‘Achedemic Researchers’ none other than Nicholas Kollerstrom, he’s did some good work on both the Holocaust Hoax and 7-7 but its his silence on Dr Wood work that is telling. Well time will tell and I’ll let him tell me in person about why he doesn’t mention her work?I find I can’t/don’t listen to any 911 debate that doesn’t have either Dr Wood presenting her work or another accurately presenting her work. I know it would not happen but I’d just love Dr Wood to go toe to toe with Mr MicroOrMiniNukes where its chaired by another and only 1 or 2 specific questions are allowed to be debated. Then we’d get to hear what Mr Fetzer says about the fact that the Nuclear elements he cites constantly like a mantra are elements that are naturally occurring and if they are not would be present in the materials of any modern building should it be converted into dust partials. Oh and where are all the burn victims, the firemen in stairwell B didn’t report of any?

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