Re: Putin, Pravada, Gordon Duff, Nukes, 911


Date: 2015-02-17 13:28:03

Hi JohnThanks for your very considered post. I thought that your point about the avoidance of specific questions by media hosts was particularly true; I too have experienced the same ‘ducking and diving’ behaviour.With regards to Jan Irving/Gnostic media etc. This again was very interesting to me. I came Jan Irving around 2006 after he and his work was featured many times in the series of podcasts ‘9/11 synchronicity’ by Richard Grove 9/11 Synchronicity: The Complete Series : Richard Andrew Grove : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive       9/11 Synchronicity: The Complete Series : Richard Andrew…Welcome to 9/11 Synchronicity, the podcast designed to strike accord in the public mind & inspire the American People to exercise their rights & take…View on archive.orgPreview by Yahoo This series was staggering in its scale and there are many hours of listening all of which stimulates further research. It was Richard Grove’s intention that the listeners would help to contribute to this podcast series, so that everyone learned to research simultaneously as a community. Looking at the series now, what I find fascinating and, as it has transpired, ‘synchronicitous’  is that it ran out of steam when the host came to the inevitable conclusion; he realised that the real ‘key’ to unlocking the 9/11 enigma is Energy, and more specifically, Free Energy. It seems to me that he either did not know where to go with this info, or, more likely, he knew exactly where it led and either decided not to go there or was coerced into keeping a lid on it. Richard Grove is an extremely eloquent speaker and if he had been brave enough to broadcast the real evidence as promulgated by Dr Wood, he would have had a large audience I feel.With regards to Nick Kollerstrom, he seems to be firmly in lock step with Jim Fetzer vs Dr. Wood and I have also heard him speak in negative terms with regards to Andrew’s… wishesNeil

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