Geocentric Universe – What say you?

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-02-19 10:08:57

Hello, I don’t think I’ve seen this subject mentioned (apologies if I’m in error) but given my constant re-evaluating of everything that is pushed by mainstream ‘information’ outlets these past 30 years, I find that the alternative view I discover, is usually one that makes the most sense or is simply the one that presents actual fact based evidence. I accept that like most here, I’ve been occasionally duped by the control groups and their ‘Hero Role Models’ and indeed the actual subject matter that is there to catch those wishing to stray outside of the ‘norm’ on their own.  That said, I’ve been quite interested in evidence based and experiment repeatable work of those proposing the Geocentric Universe. What I didn’t know is that the Heliocentric was never actually proven but was more a Religion/Political path that was taken to suit those needing to control the masses and marginalise the proper science of the day in favor of personalities and those with better charismatic traits but not actual evidence. Does this sound familiar in today’s world of ‘Theory’ being held up as Fact aka Modern Physics (Matter, Black Holes, Quantum everything, Big Bang, expanding universe, mathematics somehow proving anything!). Anyway, I’m happy to be brought around to the Heliocentric view again as long as it too has repeatable evidence? What say you? Geocentric Universe. How the Sun Could Circle the Earth – Malcolm Bowden Geocentric Universe. How the Sun Could Circle the Earth … The biggest question in a geocentric universe, is how can an object with the mass of the sun, orbit around a medium sized planet like the Earth? Malcolm B… View on Preview by Yahoo

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