Re: Trends in Mainstream Media Exposure of Accused Paedophiles

From: Hilary Kitching

Date: 2015-02-21 16:51:41

Thanks Ben, I know BG has exposed this ‘cultural marxism’ and Common Purpose many times and I emailed him about their activities in Aberdeen before; they conduct their scheming in broad daylight and I even know where they hold these meetings. They get away with it because people see it as uncool to question anything which appears as official looking. Another thing, if you’re white, British and looking for a council house in Aberdeen, forget it, we’re at the bottom of the heap.      Hilary J Kitching MInstRE On 21 February 2015 at 14:31, benthejrporter@hotma… [Cognoscence] wrote:   Very interesting, RYF. There are lots of the correlations that you talk about that might be significant. This sounds a lot like what Brian Gerrish and others have discovered in their investigations of Common Purpose, what is conventionally known as cultural Marxism. The aim is to break apart society like Richard D Hall illustrates with is brick wall metaphor. What you talk about sounds like a part of it.

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