Re: Trends in Mainstream Media Exposure of Accused Paedophiles

From: tognola

Date: 2015-02-22 05:41:44

Thank you for the post,There is definitely an attack, but I don’t believe that MSM as a whole is aware of it, much less intending it per-se, there is pressure because many in the industry are not fallen that low. I think rather there is an historical attack on all to break the moral. Breaking sexual morality is well accomplished and the situation is much worst than it seems. The good news is that those who are most engaged in breaking moral as an agenda, are themselves broken almost beyond repair.  Honeytraps are still the best way to break any counter-intelligence, infiltrate, even to win wars where the moral is not “top noch” .   In my research years I swallowed the conspiracy of the Knights of Malta, and the Vatican being the last bastion of evil and the Illuminati. I even wrote an article that cannot take down completely  because it was re-posted elsewhere , somehow I still get many hits from that reference.  I was wrong, sadly I cannot easily undo the damage because of my own detraction, scandal by promoting the literal libraries and authors views spreading false accusations, most of them themselves duped.  Reducing simplistically and childishly as the Illuminati is seen in The da Vinci Code, well, the good guys are not Tom Hanks, while the Opus-dei and the Knights of Malta are of the few putting a good fight against U.N. and agendas, and although Catholic moral has been severely wounded, is still standing and because of its still solid structure  are indeed Freemasons’ sworn enemies. I explain the history of my own pains of  re-converson in the second half of the article 9 11 truth Switzerland – About – 911 truth Switzerland – News 9 11 truth Switzerland – About – 911 truth Switzerland – News About View on Preview by Yahoo Swiss documentary with a bit annoying english translation but excellent documentary Documentary: The Founding Fathers of Early Sexualization

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