March 2015 National Geographic Magazine, Space Programme Discussions

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-02-22 09:57:25

Sam just sent me the links below, all of which are interesting for different reasons.   I think, reading between the lines, Wayne Hale ( is saying “Jam tomorrow folks…” He should be looking at what happened on 911 and realising it’s time to end the secrecy…   Perhaps the Nat Geo cover (….) is also an indication that someone is worried…?   The Keith Cowling page is more “sensible” (…), but again, he doesn’t know the reason for things being like they are – that these conferences are organised to keep the secret space programme secret – good minds are lead down dead ends (which is the end result of what he said in the article.   Thanks for the links!   Andrew   From: Sam Sent: 22 February 2015 03:26To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: Some recent space-related news Hey Andrew, I came across these earlier in the week and thought I’d share them with you: The National Geographic cover for March There was also an invitation only conference in Washington DC this week about space commercialization… Also, Wayne Hale, the former Space Shuttle Program Manager at Nasa, posted this on his blog earlier this week

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