Re: Richard D Hall – Latest Episode – UFO spotting & unexplained sea


Date: 2015-02-22 16:02:28

I notice that comments for the Daily Mail article have been hastily disabled …..I found this paragraph particularly transparent…David Balston, of the UK Chamber of Shipping, added: ‘While the horrific injuries remain a cause for concern, the evidence that these were predominantly the result of attacks by other seals demonstrates why accurate science should drive the debate rather than raw emotion.”Accurate science should drive the debate’…i.e. disable any comments that might call into question the narrative that has been delivered by bought-and-paid-for ‘scientists’ working within University Faculties or Gov’t Agencies.Is that a debate? Is what Richard D Hall, David Cayton et al are ‘debating’ merely the product of ‘raw emotion’? Or is it based upon scientific reasoning?Hey Ho…We know the MSM for what they areNeil

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