Re: Geocentric Universe – What say you?

From: tognola

Date: 2015-02-24 23:18:37

Thank you so much!!!I had no ideao people were starting to wake up, 10 years ago I was familiar with the inclusion of aether because all Plasma , interferometry, scalar and harmonics weapons imply and make use of it, includding todays technology like GPS …there  has been this coverup, I believe by the Rosicrucian masons, to hide quaternion geometry from the public. God doesn’t stop his astonishing grace, ever cheers and dont miss this doc:Geocentrism – The Coming Scientific Revolution – 2 – Delano Geocentrism – The Coming Scientific Revolution – 2 – De… This video is owned by Laurence Gonzaga. You may not download and/or re-upload this video. www.theprinciplemovi… http:… View on Preview by Yahoo  

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