911 – Flight Attendant

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-02-26 12:25:09

My expertise and training as a flight attendant allowed me to research the events of September 11, 2001, with an insider’s knowledge that eventually lead me to discover details and answers to some of the most haunting questions surrounding that infamous day in our history.  –  Rebekah RothNo sure if anyone is aware of this lady “Rebekah Roth” and her book/information relating to 911 – Methodical Illusion?  I haven’t listened to her interviews (just a few mins) yet but apparently her book has been Amazon no.1 best seller. So I have a few warning signs going off and the fact that she is seemingly the new kid on the block who is trying to be the new focus within the many factions of the ‘Truth Movements’? I’ll be interested in what actual evidence she will bring but I suspect her evidence will focus on No Planes actually flying into buildings but what happened to them? I also, bring this here because in the first couple of mins that she was interviewed on the Clint Richardson radio show she mentions Dr Wood but not her work per say, so I’ll need to listen to it all to hear what we are being asked to divert to?Anyway, might be of interest as these things are never that Organic and there is usually a guiding hand?corporationnationrad… Illusion Methodical Illusion A flight attendant uses her experience to investigate & discover what really happened to the 4 airplanes on 9/11, you won’t believe what she finds. View on www.methodicalillusi… Preview by Yahoo

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