Interesting ISS Video appears to show object(s) leaving the atmosphe

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-03-01 14:19:31

 Have a look, it’s quite interesting…   Chip Cooper’s comments were also interesting and considered:   Chip Cooper5 days ago Recently I have decided to put my debunking techniques to use, and previously found, as did others, one of the videos was faked. But, I think we’re all human, though not completely sure, even Tyler’s watchful eye can occasionally slip and let one through.  In fairness, I decided to check this video; and have to report that I found nothing unexpected in this video.  From a skeptical perspective, most would just say only that they can’t debunk the video; however, like videos which are faked have data which supports the fake, so too can valid unfaked videos have data which support their validity, and I have found evidence to support some truthful statements about this one.1. There is evidence to support that this video has not been tampered.2. Two, this video shows definitive evidence of optical performance which indicates that a fairly sophisticated camera was used with superior but not perfect ability to adapt to changing light and capture what it can see.  This information provides evidence of the lack of tampering, and shows expected and typical automated features of a camera, which are not impossible, but difficult to fake, especially one, which I withhold. 3. This UFO is effectively invisible against the black background of space in every way, except where it emits light, Between the lights there is no difference between black of space, and the craft itself.  All triangular shapes are in the lights, and any interpretation of the shape of the craft itself as being triangular is an artifact of experience and the human mind’s capacity to see shapes by filling in missing information.  This does not negate the probability based on experience and previous observations that the craft is triangular in shape; however there is no evidence due to it’s stealthy nature to support this.  It is literally indistinguishable from space except the lighting, if the craft reflects light, then there is no light for it to reflect within the camera’s capability capacity to capture light.  For what ever the reason, all parts of the craft surrounding the lights have the same color matrix as space.4. The frame rates of the craft match the frame rate of the camera, as is to be expected in a valid video.5. Although there is not much information actually contained in the video footage of the craft, there is absolutely no indication of digital manipulation, all values are within expected ranges6 No artifacts of compression are seen in this video other than the final compression found in MP4 when converting this footage to a file, it has very nice resolution down to the pixel.  The rate of change is slow enough, mp4, and the camera had no problems following the changes pixel by pixel.As Tyler said, there will be skeptics; however, as far as the veracity and authenticity of the video is concerned, I stamp this video as validated and challenge anyone to find anything that supports another claim.  I evaluated this video at its maximum resolution down to pixels.  There are no anomalies, except those which support its authenticity.  

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