Re: 911 – Flight Attendant

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-03-02 15:34:25

FYII decided to post a comment following the Clint Richardson RBN 4 hour! interview of Ms Roth to voice my disappointment that Clint gave so much time and hype (Everyone must read and get this book – apparently ) to this author of what is after all a piece of Fiction. So having been corrected by Ben I found Andrews extremely fair handed review of her book last year and thought he expressed most of my thoughts on the Clint interview but in his actual Book review i.e. Its a good fiction read but if its being held-up as a document for Truth movement people to get behind (This was Clint’s thrust on the RBN 4 hour show) then if it contains at best errors or lies that need to be addressed by the Author or else Clint should be giving Dr Wood the same platform to present her actual Evidence? Seems a fair request that I made? Anyway, I’ll post a comment made to my comment (Clint hasn’t responded it was a listener) that has all the same old same subtle distractions and disinformation language that can be seen on every other 911 site that doesn’t want people to look/understand what Dr Wood’s work will show the honest observer. (See MikeV below) MikeV ⋅ February 28, 2015 at 8:33 pm What does this info have to do with Judy Wood? It seems your implying that any stance on 9/11 must include Judy Wood or it’s invalid on its face. Ms Roth is giving her in depth “first hand” knowledge and experience in the airline industry coupled with her in depth discovery of details pertaining to specifically the planes and events on the morning of 9/11. All of which have nothing to with “Where Did The Towers Go?” as if when you discover this you will be able to bring them back somehow??? “Where Did The Towers Go?” and ooh ooh look here the proof of “free energy” their hiding free energy and secret weapons, forget the who and why of 9/11 lets focus on the invisible dragons that zapped the towers with magic energy that nobody has any proof of not to mention all 3 towers resembled 100% controlled demo’s. If Ms Wood had any credible proof of anything beside theories it would be great for instance “1” single example to compare the results of “free energy” being used to pulverise a sky scraper would be very telling otherwise Ms .Wood might as well be quoting from Harry Potter as proof, atleast Ms. Roth admittedly uses fiction to disseminate truth where Ms.Wood is passing theories off as truth. Most of these little sub groups of 9/11 truth are handled and divided for a reason I have heard from toooo many first hand accounts from those involved detailing this, “Where Did The Towers Go?” simply polarizes a fringe group of the 9/11 movement and has its followers chanting its mantra and casting doubt on others more credible evidence as if being less valuable as a component of the overall 9/11 truth, kind of like you are doing here. She is showing how the basic componants for the initial events on 9/11 are lies backed by logic, evidence, and basic procedure being ignored most of which could be used in court if needed, by beating this aspect to a pulp it destroys the entire foundation that the rest of the official 9/11 fairy tail is based upon, but adding magic dragons to the story does nothing to destroy the initial lies everything else is based upon, Honestly I highly doubt Ms. Wood could last a 4 hr interview, I don’t want to speak for Clint but I’d imagine he would be struggling within the first 30 min to get anything of real value unearthed and after listening to Ms Wood multiple times I would personally be challenged to listen to more then an hour, no offence to Ms Wood I believe she is genuine in her beliefs either her own or her handlers but she is the core of a compartmentalized agenda to keep followers from looking at a bigger truth which is not the government hiding “free energy weapons” because if this was an issue their would be no conflict in the Middle East to control oil (energy) the government and its handlers would already be capitalizing on “free energy” and we would already be enslaved to this system instead of oil. The full scope of what was entailed to bring the towers down was planned out methodically for possible decades these towers were built with the intent to be destroyed as a ritual sacrifice to bring in the new age and begin the new crusade to control the holy land and realize the Zionist agenda of having Christians and Muslims destroy each other.The current US government is at the core of this agenda and the Ultimate Truth is not by what specific means the towers were destroyed but the political players involved and ultimate agenda the entire event of 9/11 is the catalyst for.

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