Re: Chem Trails and Gnome Nanotechnology – An ill health delivery sy

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-03-06 14:49:25

Hi HilaryYou’d need to listen to Clint Richardson’s show (I’ve added the main show link and its No.324 from the 3rd March). There you will be told what the verifiable sources are and its most certainly is a conspiracy fact against us all.Two points to also address for clarity.1) “…why spray bio warfare, when there’s a chance your government ministers, corporate kingpins (BP, et al, British Gas & their lackeys and banksters, Freemason lodge bosses(mafia), have a chance of being ill too?” This is addressed both in the show and also by myself in the post.2) Your alluding to Rome (papal/Jesuit) running the world I think, I’d be interested if you can share why this is the case? I certainly know of many researchers that have discovered that the Papacy, Jesuit and the Masons to name but 3 organisations have been infiltrated by the Jews.  As all my research and many other’s would say that every sphere of World Commerce and Government is currently run/controlled by Jews (or to be accurate the race that call themselves Jews that originated from the Khazaria area and are in fact Khazarian – this is a well established fact and has already been stated by the very same race leaders, even in their own written history). I do agree that this is a deep subject difficult to specify in a few paragraphs but in the interest of my on-going quest for truth I’m happy to alter my understandings if you could share your evidence that refutes my current understanding that the Jewish race are not running the world and ergo are the source of every injustice, evil attack (your SMART device, Dr Woods DEWs, 200+ million White Christian Goyim dead as a result of Bolshevik revolution, WW1 WW2, Bio warfare etc etc ) on all goyim through their Talmudic teachings?Kind Regards John
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