More notes on circular holes in the ground in Siberia

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-03-08 09:06:45

Anthony wrote:…   [Holes were in]  Tampa Florida and “Onsk” Russia. The Australian anomaly was parallel line 250 miles long. Scariest thing watching this again is that it was 21 years ago I last watched it. (BBC Weird Night- The Fortean Review of the Year 1994-part 3) From: David Sent: 08 March 2015 01:01To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Re: More circular holes in the ground in Siberia I agree that the article sent by Peter is probably accurate, but it plays down the “global warming” aspect (“…maybe just global warming…”). The “pingo” explanation also points to increasing methane release; these new craters are quite large.  This aspect was played up in this Washington Post article of August 5, 2014.  www.washingtonpost.c…   One thing for sure is that research and further development of the kinds of weapons (DEW) that were used on 9/11 continues unabated.  They have had almost 14 years since 9/11 – so far – to continue to improve upon these.  Do they test them somewhere?  If so, where?  We know that atomic weapons of various kinds (bombs, depleted uranium) have been tested for decades.  

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