Re: Chem Trails and Gnome Nanotechnology – An ill health delivery sy

From: J D

Date: 2015-03-10 15:05:47

I concur with this sentiment and would add that I use the work of Dr Wood and Andrews as a litmus test for those purporting to be for truth and those that actually peddle <100% of this elusive term.  I, like most if not everyone on here, has had a world view based on my ignorance and if you agree that our ignorance is not by happenstance but a millennia long, controlled, systematic plan?  Then you have to also accept, that if someone (Mr Kollerstrom for example) stays within a knowledge boundary, choosing to either ignore the evidence, distort it or even deny it, then, we are left with only a few inference? Namely, that they are ignorant of the facts Dr Wood has presented for many years now or they being serious researchers, have investigated 'her claims' as they might put it and either refute the evidence with their cited evidence or acknowledge her seminal work as such and then openly (on shows such as yours Ben) redefine their previous erroneous position on such matters citing Dr Wood's work and its implications. But, if they don't do this then they fall into those that are wittingly or unwittingly perpetuating the systematic plan for world ignorance that we see around us in every nuance of life? I'm open to having any of my current knowledge based beliefs challenged or changed if presented with evidence that directly or indirectly refutes them? However, whilst I find I'm drawn into a deeper and deeper dichotomy whereby on one hand the more knowledge that I gain of how things were and are in actuality (unlike the nonsense that MSM presents in all its forms) it starts to makes perfect sense and addresses the inconsistencies (or seemingly so) of all that we are told, showing that the truth does indeed present the reason why the world and its inhabitants are they way they are and I'm sure I know who is perpetrating this on us. (“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” I think says it best) However, with this truth/knowledge comes an ever increasing (at the same rate or so it feels) of gaining this knowledge, a dis-ease and feeling of depression that others not only can't see this but a feeling that informing others gets harder and harder and more and more hopeless! I say these disheartening words based on 20+ years of my questioning journey to where I am today. I truly believe that anyone that thinks contrary to this view hasn't yet progressed or questioned everything they hold dear? Alas, I don't believe that the truth sets you free but merely illuminates the chains that bind us all. My chains are more and more exposed but I'd still like to see them and who has foisted them upon me? 'They', who are at war with 'Us', know who 'They' are but not only do 'We' not know whom 'We' are but that 'We' are even in a war. When we realise who 'We' are, then we might stand a chance against them?    To: Cognoscence@yahoogro…: Cognoscence@yahoogro…: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 15:19:16 -0700Subject: RE: [Cognoscence] Re: Chem Trails and Gnome Nanotechnology – An ill health delivery system?   Ben, you could always ask Mr Kollerstrom if he has reviewed his stance on the importance of ‘debate’ over the less the popular, but irrefutable 43 FACTS outlined in Chap 22 of Where Did the Towers Go? www.checktheevidence… appreciate that this is your show, but is the truth about debate and figures of popularity who because of their pig-headedness or some other agenda refuse to accept the facts. It may be interesting to see if NK will apologise to Andrew Johnson for accusing him of ‘psychotic-type remarks’, when all he was doing was presenting evidence, which has clearly been denied and smeared over/misrepresented with the assistance of Clare Kuehn.Why give this man air time, unless he can humbly apologise and help us on the path to getting Dr Wood’s work the rightful attention it deserves. Seems he is providing more of a distraction than to focus on very serious issues Dr Wood has given us. Does anyone really understand the implications of the WDTTG evidence and the s*** we’re really in!Does anyone read what Andrew has recorded?Regards In humble pursuit of truth by evidence not consensus. Hilary

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