FW: The Kubrick Conundrum on YouTube

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-03-11 19:11:19

This is a really good talk – with lots of detailed research into these areas… I hope it will tie a few things together for some people! From:  Carl Sent: 11 March 2015 17:00To: ad.johnsonSubject: The Kubrick Conundrum on YouTube My recent TruthJuice Birmingham presentation (3rd March 2015) – “The Kubrick Conundrum” – is now available to watch on YouTube.The presentation has been uploaded in two parts.Part one covers the possible connections between Stanley Kubrick and Apollo/Moon fakery. Part two examines the myriad of esoteric symbolism in his films and discusses the larger implications of his last film Eyes Wide Shut.Here are the links:Part 1 – www.youtube.com/watc… 2 – www.youtube.com/watc… feel to circulate far and wide and give me a “thumbs up” on YouTube if you like!Thanks for your continued support and all the best,Carl.

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