911 – Seven Seconds‏ ?

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-03-12 12:14:40

Just for your interest, I don’t know when or why I subscribed (I did in the past asked to be taken off their distribution list) but messages still ends up in my JUNK mail folder and that’s the best place for it. But, I just happen to see this one with the Title Seven Seconds ‏and read that there is a play! But when I saw the 1st very professionally created (must have money to burn) and the “Did you know a 3rd tower fell?” I felt like replying “Did you know a 6th tower either went away or was partially destroyed?”. Then when you open up the 2nd ‘flyer’ you see some familiar names (Niels Harrit, David Shayler) that Andrew has discussed on several occasions fronting this ‘Play’. Anyway, have a look at what the “911 for disinformation” group are up to with their seemingly large budgets? https://www.copy.com/s/2P4SABLsdOdn7ik8/7%20Secs%20Program%20Elmwood%2003%202015. did laugh at their pushing the Number 7 in the Flyer with a made up ‘7 Billion’ people reference to make it all work. I was looking for the ‘7 Brides for 7 brothers’ reference but they left that one out.Here is the sort of email I asked to be removed from and contained the information I cite above.” Judy Mercer (judymrcer@gmail.com) 11/03/2015 Groups To: conspiracy-91@meetup… Show this message… From: conspiracy-91@meetup… on behalf of Judy Mercer (judymrcer@gmail.com) Sent: 11 March 2015 19:45:02 To: conspiracy-91@meetup… Hi Warren, I was wondering if there was an on going email discussion following last  Friday’s meeting as I would like to be a part of it. I hadn’t said I would be  there so maybe I am not receiving anything.  I would like to know the name of the guy sitting next to you with the extreme ideas.  I am researching some of his theories. Personally I think he is a little disturbed and scary, so far my research is backing me up on that but I am very open to hearing different ideas on it.  Do u have an opinion? Would also like to hear anyone else’s view. Thanks Judy On 21 Jan 2015 08:24, “W. Puckett” wrote: Hi all,I hope the new year is shaping up for you all as you hoped it would. There is a lot going on in the world now and much of it is ugly. The best we can do is inform ourselves and others around us so we can heighten awareness.To that end, one of us, Peter Neathey, is continuing to raise awareness through a play he has written about 9/11 called “Seven Seconds”. It is a brilliant way to introduce this subject to friends who may not yet question the official story of the events on that fateful day.Here are some links to the flyer for the play.copy.com/2P4SABLsdOd… try to go along and bring a friend if you can.Hope to see you all at the meeting in February.Peace,Warren”

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