“Believe YouTube, Blogs and Websites – Not What You Can Directly Experience…”

If you have been fooled into thinking the Earth is flat because NASA faked the Moon Landings and that it hides data and doctors photos, read the article below and do not write to meInstead, study astronomy, trigonometry and navigation and you will realise you’ve been fooled. E.g. If you don’t know what a Nautical Mile is and how it is derived, you don’t know enough and are trapped in a belief promoted by disingenuous people, and you don’t realise this is being used to discredit serious and important research into alternative knowledge topics. If you have lost your observational skills, work to get them back.
Over the last few weeks/months a “virus” seems to have been going around that encourages people to believe what they read/watch on the internet and watch on YouTube over what they can observe and experience for themselves, fairly easily. People think that just because NASA have posted fake/doctored images/videos of the Apollo missions  etc etc, then they could be lying about the nature of the earth.
Has anyone else been taken in by the latest “Flat Earth” videos and postings? Here’s how I have replied to people who have been infected with the virus. Someone asked me if I had “checked the evidence” – funnily enough, I get this question regularly now…. I responded
‘I checked the evidence for the “flat earth theory” quite a while ago. I went to the seaside and, with a pair of binoculars watched ships come and go over the horizon. I am not sure how xxx would debunk this observation, let alone things like GPS satellite receivers (which I use on my phone when going on walks now) and international navigation…
Have you been to the seaside and watched boats come and go over the horizon? Several people have written to me about the flat earth theory and have admitted they have not done this. It seems like a virus that is going around… 
One’s own observation has nothing to do with NASA, map makers or anything like that. I suggest you go to the seaside and watch boats etc with binoculars.  Report back to me with your findings if you wish.’
another response I wrote: 
“The truth as I know and have experienced it is that we don’t live on a flat or concave earth – it is a globe. I have seen evidence of this with my own eyes and experienced it. It’s not like I watched ships on the news or watched a programme about flying. I’ve done it myself. This has nothing to do with NASA or the US govt. That’s where the distinction is, a distinction which one person I know (not you) cannot seem to make anymore (that’s partly why I have written the above and the previous messages). Perhaps you’d like to invest in a pair of binoculars or a telescope and a trip to the coast etc. It’s up to you. Record what you experience and then report back or write your own blog or web page if you wish.”
A person then responded: “However I had read somewhere that if you were to then to view the ship through a telescope the lower part would be revealed again. I do not own binoculars or a telescope but due to the hordes of research done on this I will assume it to be true.” 
Wow this person took what they read over what he could directly observe! So much for the power of the internet ay?
Blimey, I can’t believe I had to post this! I think Thomas Sheridan has said it well (see 5 mins into this clip or use the link below):
i.e. the posting of this nonsense is a psychology research programme – to see what the uptake is. They need to keep their methods of deception up to date, after all…
This page may be helpful in checking things: www.ringbell.co.uk/i… 
Even Our Cat Knows the Truth!!

Footnote 2:
Strangely, someone anonymously sent me the Eric Dubay Book “The Flat Earth Conspiracy”. As it is now in the bin, I won’t be reading it. However, a quick inspection revealed:
1) No publisher is listed (ISBN: 979-1-312-62716-1)
2) No details of who Eric Dubay is or what his background is
3) No contents
4) No index
5) No references
How anyone would take this as anything that can be used to establish the truth escapes me.
Someone just wasted £6 or more on postage and more on the book. What a shame. No one has admitted sending the book.
Footnote 3:
As I have said to several people, some fake NASA images is one thing, flat Earth and a totally fake space programme is quite another. Check out these links.
The $150 Edge-of-Space Camera: MIT Students Beat NASA On Beer-Money Budget 
 As ever, discernment is required to find sensible boundaries.

Footnote 4:
Here’s another response I had to write to someone:
xxx,  if it was anyone else, I wouldn’t be wasting my time. But let me ask you and tell you these things. Have you ever observed the Galilean Moons (that’s Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa) going around Jupiter with your own telescope and compared the predictions with that shown on a computer printout? I have. Did you ever observe Halley’s comet in 1986 with your own eyes through a telescope? I did. Have you ever seen an orange star and a blue star together in the same field of view with your own eyes? I have. It’s called Albireo – at the tip of Cygnus constellation. Have you ever observed M31 through a 10 inch refractor and seen how you can see some of fainter parts of it using “averted vision”? I have (that was in 1987). Have you ever seen the rings of Saturn using your own eyes with a telescope ? I have. This is the difference between you and me. I KNOW, you believe. Have you heard Dr Wood talking about people with “an opinion and an internet connection?” Somehow, this seems to overrule those with knowledge and experience. No more replies on this topic. I only spent time on this because I respect you and have hope that you will see you’ve been fooled – by studying and observing, directly, for yourself. 
Here’s a photo I took in January www.facebook.com/med… check the other images for details

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