Believe YouTube, Blogs and Websites – Not What You Can Directly Exp| I can’t believe I have had to post this:    It was prompted by 2 similiar emails I received this morning within 15 minutes of each other.   I think Thomas Sheridan is right in his suggestion that it is a Psychology Research Project for the CIA or something. They need to keep their methods of deception up to date, after all…| 7237|7236|2015-03-13 15:38:01|jon_devlin|Re: Believe YouTube, Blogs and Websites – Not What You Can Directly

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2015-03-13 12:13:17

My comment to this would be that I do think that we should question everything that we hold as fact and re-evaluate what we think are norms with any facts indicated in alternative views. As Andrew has indicated, the Flat Earth is one that we don’t need huge budgets or complicated experiments and the insight of ‘experts’ to interpret the findings, we can observer for ourselves certain effects or situations but in this particular case we do have even Low earth orbit satellite images (I will accept that we can do this from NASA sources, though I don’t believe that all the Low earth Orbit/Space Station coverage is real the Chinese spaceflight in a pool of water looked pretty obvious and I’m sure that not all the NASA footage is real either). None the less, I’m happy that the orbital image of an Earth Global is what we have i.e. not a flat earth. I am at present still leaning towards a Geocentric Earth but would like those that dispute such “Flat Earth” notions to point me at the Heliocentric evidence that refutes the other?  I’m also of the belief of an expanding earth as proposed by that Australian researcher that seemed to make perfect sense and take apart the norm of Plate tonics and erosion, not to mention the alternative for how our soil/rock strata is created that in itself refute the aging of our earth.

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