Re: Enigma TV wrongly characterises Starchild Skull

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-03-23 15:23:21

I don’t claim to understand all of what Lloyd Pye put forward when he explained why all of the non-human features of the Starchild could not be explained by medical anomalies but if one considers what the naysayers are proposing you’d have one very damaged child to have all of the medical conditions and features that they say are found potentially in a human, but all one child at the same time?  I doubt such a child would have survived, but, of course I don’t go along with this nonsense that they cite as its commonsense nonsense and anyway, didn’t the DNA (that was completed) show that the number of differences couldn’t be found in any human DNA (not to mention the many features – Thin Light Skull that weighs significantly less and more telling is the fact that its the whole makeup of the skull not some genetic default that would surely manifest in an uneven distribution and genetic defects are not, to my understanding, the perfectly symmetrical construction as the exhibited differences the Starchild have – looks like a genetically perfect design to my eye )? Also, the term “SAGITTAL SUTURE” when one does a cursory Google search, seems to be the weapon of choice across almost every “Debunking – Bad Science – Pye’s a Nutter – Starchild is a Hoax” type sites to disprove a negative? Its like their equivalent of the “Inside Job, Controlled Demolition, Building 7 or Thermite” verbiage they spew to muddy the waters and create seeming Case-Closed answers to the Starchild research, when a curious (but hasn’t got much time) truth seeker does a google search and will think that its is a hoax given the amount of alternative site responses as I indicate above and not actually look/listen to what the evidence that Lloyd himself explained and could dispel about this very aspect of valid scepticism.

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