What has Morris 108 learnt ?

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2015-03-24 18:10:43

I followed the link to the website given by John D www.iamthewitness.co… noticed there was a video by Morris 108 from late 2014.  I decided to listen and hear him out…as he mentions 9/11 and gets on to the WHO part. Now, I realise he interviewed Dr Wood in 2012 and thought he would have gained a good grounding in the difference between empirical evidence, assumptions and theories, but I was wrong. 911 How Who Why – Still Ongoing – Morris 911 How Who Why – Still Ongoing – Morris paypal donations to mmorris108@gmail.com View on www.youtube.com Preview by Yahoo In the video above he goes on about how Israel are to blame for 9/11, but nowhere in Dr Wood’s evidence and investigation does she name a country, race, culture or person.  So, if he has read WDTTG? why is he ignoring the names of the corporations involved in the development of DEW’s in favour of Israel? The very same enemy Mr Icke likes to attack. Morris doesn’t mention Dr Wood’s irrefutable evidence in the whole eight and a half minutes of his spiel, straight out of the David Icke text book. And is it also a coincidence that the BBC are never shy of broadcasting Arab Israeli tensions, so that we focus on one or the other, which obviously leads to conscientious people siding with the Palestinians! And hey look at big bad Israel.   For the record I am not supporting any country, or race in this, all I want is the truth. How can it be that a man such as Morris 108 who has apparently elevated himself to such attention amongst alternative media be so ignorant of empirical evidence!  Just an observation; something doesn’t add up! 

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