Re: What has Morris 108 learnt ?

From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2015-03-24 19:55:15

Thanks for your insight Ben. The whole point of Dr Judy’s book though is not just the presentation of evidence, but alongside Andrew’s “9/11 Finding the Truth” we have all the tools we need to not only see through the pysop, but to spot it when similar events re-occur.  Frankly, if Morris spent less time showboating on YouTube or whatever he’s invited onto or promoted by and more time reading the facts and learning something from them (as outline above) and sharing them then perhaps we’d be getting somewhere, but alas it seems to be yet another coincidence that a popular figure just can’t get the right words out, but instead wastes more precious time running us around in circles with things we already hear from others. Of course, “poor Morris, an old man just wants what’s right so leave him alone…he’s done more to spread the truth than you ever will” I hear folks say; well he’s had over two years since he interviewed Dr Wood to read the necessary books and to learn about the problem with thermite etc not being valid. The other alt media outlets too including dare I say it, The UK Column.  Surely, it can’t just be lack of interest in 9/11 that gives them excuse!

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