Re: What has Morris 108 learnt ?

From: Hilary Kitching

Date: 2015-03-25 18:24:07

A question about ‘Jews’ John.  Are they not human beings too​ and aren’t ALL human beings(whatever race, colour or creed) liable to evil acts and a lust for power! I can get my head around Dr Wood’s evidence and UFO’s but I just can’t get to grips with the possibility that Jews are responsible.      Hilary J Kitching MInstRE On 25 March 2015 at 15:33, john_d_devlin@hotmai… [Cognoscence] wrote:   I’ve only seen one other youtube (I think it was on the KentFreedomMovement Video section) of this person so not really sure what his objectives are, I presume he want’s to inform people? What is curious (and it’s my opinion based entirely on the below youtube and his Youtube site), is I presumes that he contacted her to have the interview and would have previously heard or did some research into her work? Well, given the level of questions that he asked and his responses to her answers, it seemed to me that he did very little research, certainly didn’t read her book nor even watch one of her presentations. Or, he did and didn’t understand what she was explaining in them and the potential of the observed technology. Analysis, of ‘Put option dealings’ etc and those engaged in them isn’t going to mean much if they decide to move their money centre and as a parting Satanic gesture, use the weapon on the whole of New York city, again.So, based on that one interview I wouldn’t be inclined to look at any of his other ‘research’, as at best it might be inaccurate and at worse yet another dead-end avenue for the non-thinkers seeking Alternative information..Another passing comment based on the original Morris 108 youtube cited by the OP (and again it’s a personal view that I now hold) is that when anyone uses any of the terms Zionist/Israeli/Illuminate/Mosad/NWO etc and not reference what they really mean i.e. Jew, whether they know it or not? Then it tells me that they fear what the Jew and those that work for them can do to them (and I perfectly understand this) or they are not educated to the so-called Jewish history or they are not telling the truth? Try this test with either yourself or those researchers you go to for your information.Dr Judy Wood Destruction of the WTC Towers – Forensic Methodolgy Dr Judy Wood Destruction of the WTC Towers – Forensi… This interview was made on the same day as the published date: March 29/30 2014 (depending where on the globe a person is) … a forensic analysis of what ef… View on Preview by Yahoo

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