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From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-03-26 16:55:42

Hi Hilary I sense from your reticent replies on the whole Jewish/Jew subject that you need to look at and or listen to the research that has been done on this group of people? I was probably in your shoes on this matter, about 3 years ago. When, although I knew that their name came up a lot, it was usually cloaked in terms such as Zionist, I had suspected though that it wasn’t a coincidence why every subject had the same trail leading back to the same originator’s that were almost without exception always Jews (many hide their Jewish identity by changing their names – see below) and if not an actual Jew, were initiating Jewish Talmudic doctrine through by whatever the named political party is. So you really need to understand who these people are and where they came from and when? They are not whom they have brainwashed everyone (through their 99.9% controlled world communications) to think they are. Once you understand the above then you will see why all roads for the ills of our world will lead back to a single group of Khazarian’s and not Ashkenazi Jews but merely an Asiatic race who spoke Yiddish not Hebrew and who adopted the Jewish religion and its Talmud teachings. Their teachings were from Rabbis and the Sanhedrin (Jesus, who was not a Jew, was none too impressed with their teachings and in the Bible are called The Children of Satan from “the Synagogue of Satan” his words not mine). One has to ask many questions of this group of people, one being why (long before Adolf Hitler was even conceived) had this ‘parasitic’ group been banished from 100+ countries/areas in the past?  England got rid of them in 1290 for their Money Lending practices and many others for their base and satanic activities including human sacrifice of babies and children. One only has to look at their Talmudic teachings to get an insight of their mind set, yes a mind-set that any decent Christian or moral non-jew i.e. the Goyim as they refer to us as, could not conceive. I can see why you might have trouble with the notion that one person could hold another in such low esteem that they would view that person as no more than an animal or beast of the field and conduct themselves, in whatever office the hold, in a manner that allowed them to rule over, deceive, mistreat and ultimately work towards the extermination of the Goyim i.e. Genocide of the White race. When Hitler was speaking of the Big Lie, he was referring to the Lies of the Jew that he was banishing from his country, yes another country expelling again.Look at some of the moral code they live by.   “Sanhedrin 59a   To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly. ” “Tosefta, Tractate Erubin VIII   When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it. ” “Yalkut 245c   Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice. ” “Schulchan Oruch, Orach Chaim 14, 20, 32, 33, 39   A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.   Hadarine, 20, B; Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348   A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl.   Gad. Shas. 2:2   A boy-goy after nine years and one day old, and a girl after three years and one day old, are considered filthy. ” On and on this disgusting trait continues against all us Goyim or cattle. I’ve used it many times in the past but just because its always applicable. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire I came to this view first via a long interview of Ernst Zundel that sent me off looking at the Holohoax (I’m now 100% certain not one Jew died as a result of any so-called Gas Chamber death, not 6 million and not 6!). And, when you also come to this understanding your view of Jews past and present will change forever.   How come 2% of the population of a country will be Jewish and yet 99% of its media is Jewish owned/run, 80% of University’s  Jewish run, 50% of its doctors Jewish, 90% of its government, 90% of its Government jobs, 75% of its legal profession  This is a small example of how the devastated Germany of the 1920’s was set-up i.e. The Weimar and I believe its pretty much the same blue-print of every 1st world country of today. Who were the only group of people to have their population to have grown post WWII? Red Cross WWII figures puts the total deaths of the German Work Camps total circa 280,000 but that only includes Jews not the actual Jew numbers. Not one German (Government, Official, Solider) document, letter, or correspondence has been found to ever mentions the subject of mass Jewish extermination. Then you’ll look at what really happened in the so-called World Wars and realise that Adolf Hitler was not only the biggest threat ever to the JewWorldOrder through his National Socialist revelation that had his country returned from the brink of devastation (the Jew run legacy called The Weimar Republic) to one of full employment, a bartering system between other countries and an end to the Jewish financial system that we still endure to this day across the whole world. Not to mention a people that adored him. Can you see why the Jews declared War on Germany in 1933, why the entire world communication, publications, entertainment and information industry to this day has to demonise the Time magazine Man of the Year 1938? Or why the British and Americans in the WWII sided with the Jewish Bolshevik’s who had just slaughtered  10’s of millions of white Christian Russians to go up against a man who repeatedly tried to voice and table peace and reconciliation plan after plan and showed untold restraint to the British even as they Fire Bombed every German city? Hamburg alone had some 30,000 in one night; Dresden with low est of 350,000 to 500,000 burnt to a cinder. The total of all civilians’ deaths in Britain is est 40,000. Have a look at the WWI and WWII proper history and you’ll understand who the aggressors were in these and all our wars. I suggest an initial one stop shop of Deanna Spingola for all you need to get going on the true history of the Jew and their executors.  There are many others that have done huge research including into the Russian archives. Deanna, like Andrew Johnson is a person whom I have the utmost respect for and to date, neither has given me any concern with the information that they present. It is 100% evidence based and where that evidence isn’t forthcoming and inference is required they will state this and present the evidence that supports the inference. That’s why having originally gone along with the Sandy hook Shootings as being 100% hoax (but didn’t devote much time to it) when I heard Deanna talk about her research into it I sat up, listened and in promptly changed my opinion with the irrefutable evidence she and her colleagues presented that is there for all with eyes to see and ears to hear. Hope this sheds some light on where I come from on the Jew as the source of all problems? We are after all p.s. So, how many English/Irish (I’m Irish) people do you know that change their names or when that nation was moved from settled country to settled country , who were specifically named in the Magna Carta because of their money usury practices that they used against the British?   The list goes on and on but a quick google search will show it most every Jew of prominence changes their name. ( Demi Moore – Demetria Guynes,  Albert Brooks – Albert Einstein, Winona Ryder – Winona Horowitz, Bob Dylan Robert Zimmerman, Woody Allen – Allan Konigsberg, Michael Caine – Maurice Micklewhite, Marilyn Monroe – Norma Jean Mortensen, Leon Trotsky – Lev Bronstein, Joe Stalin – Joseph David Djugashvili)   John

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