Re: Tony Rooke TV Licence Story gets recycled and mis-reported yet a

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-03-27 10:31:22

Looks like the Website is an advertisement for the R Gage Benevolent fund and a cursory look at their ‘Buy’ section has a list of Books but I neither see a Link to your site Andrew nor yours or Dr Wood’s books? Hmmmmm odd, an oversight I’m sure?Books Section:-David Ray Griffin “Cognitive Infiltration”” –   Exactly, I’d say that is what anyone who buys their books will get for their money.Tours Section:RICHARD GAGE UK TOUR 2015April 20th –  6pm – R.I.B.A (Royal Inst of British Architects), 66 Portland Place, LONDON W1B 1AD £10, £5 concsI’ll set a reminder and if I can get away from Baby Watch, will try and get to this to ask a few pertinent questions that a room full of Architects should be able to answer……………… Errr Mr Gage, with your extensive structural knowledge and research into the WTC complex, how did the somewhat delicate ‘Bathtub’ walls survive circa 1Millon Tons crashing into them without any significant structural damage (there was some post 911 damage when a big truck weighing a few tons knocked into its walls), if you share with the audience?   Or  Sir, did your extensive research of the events as they pertain to the WTC destruction reveal any weather anomalies that day? No..? So your not aware of the Hurricane named Erin that was of similar proportions to that of the famous Katrina a few years later? Do you think this odd that neither you nor any other 911 researcher apart from the person that exposed this Dr Judy Wood cite this fact? Your country after all like to get into weather frenzies over these unpredictable ‘Natural’ phonomeons and I believe talk of nothing else from the moment they are detected until the East Coast population stand down and don’t have to evacuate their homes. Can you imagine the potential water swells if a hurricane (like say Sandy) was heading straight towards NY City before and on 9th September 2001?OrDid your training in Architecture ever cover one of natures most destructive elements that all building and certainly tall ones need to cope with i.e. Earthquakes and how these are scientifically detected and measured?  So given the amount of potential falling building material that several WTC buildings would have produced did your extensive many years research analyse the seismic reading from several independent stations on 911?

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