Re: What has Morris 108 learnt ?

From: Hilary Kitching

Date: 2015-03-27 13:35:00

Jimmy’s account is no story, why would he lie? He was there. I am not talking about Holocaust stuff or Jewish propaganda either I am talking about genuine unscripted, unedited real life accounts by soldiers who were victims of another bloody war. The problem of most internet sources is that anyone can write anything and call it facts.  Jimmy has told very few people and would not want me to be telling you even, because he knows what people are like.Truth has become hearsay and popularity and shiny websites overrule history. This is very sad and it is why we’re in the age of deception. I am not following(nor is Jimmy), any agenda, but don’t believe him, he who has actually been there. This is not some 9/11 psyop material here, this is a real-life war account.This is the problem we’re now facing, there is so much deception that any real truth event gets rubbished and lies become truth…this is seriously Orwellian.Another thing John, the website link you’ve given…do you think democracy is a good thing? Do you know that democracy is the next step to socialism. I should know I’ve studied it…International Relations at St Andrews that is. I know all about ideologies and democracy is the rule by the ‘masses’ over the majority, even if the minority is right they’ll be outnumbered whatever the case. Does that sound like freedom, I don’t think so.      Hilary J Kitching MInstRE On 27 March 2015 at 12:21, john_d_devlin@hotmai… [Cognoscence] wrote:   Like I said to Hilary, look at the evidence but whilst I don’t deny individual acts of abuse that were not part of official orders given on both sides German or say Britain. I’d simply say that the source for your ascribed stories would need to be verified otherwise they are nothing more than the same hearsay or worse, lies that the so called Holohoax survivors have told and then been retold as first account fact.Red Cross Statistics google the Allied or US POWs in Germany and you’ll get 99% survived until after the war.Compare to the Million+ that died post war, of Soldiers and non-combatants i.e. Children and Women (the US President declassified who could be interned) in a POW open fields with nothing I mean NOTHING!… I’m not going to allow the continuation of the Jewish propaganda on this subject that I see or let those that give any credence to it go unchallenged.

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