Re: Food for thought

From: tognola

Date: 2015-03-29 21:34:46

Hi, This is based on anti-Catholic fabrications. I swallowed them up a few years ago because there was so much documentation and people testifying. How could they boldly lie like that?  At some point though, it became clear that my attack on the order was my own difficulty in all virtues, anger and suspicion kept me from believing that at some point things aren’t hopelessly confusing. That is, at some point the good guys are the good guys, the bad the bad. These bad guys are the Freemasons and their many secret sects, the good guys are usually tolerating wounds by infiltrators  and false accusations out of a sincere desire to obey to love their God and neighbor. In the over simplistic view of the DaVinci code, the good guys are not the Tom Hanks. Hollywood were not the good guys, through movies like Grease, they helped to create a whole generation of bullies and haters of goodness: studiousness, discipline, meekness, humility,  etc. We now are paying the price in the swamps of confusion and restless suspicion.kind regardsFernando Impostors – Original Catholic Encyclopedia Impostors – Original Catholic Encyclopedia Impostors: Treatment of a number of objectionable characters not of sufficient importance to claim separate treatment. Page scans include illustrations, maps,… View on Preview by Yahoo  

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