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From: realiseyourefree

Date: 2015-03-30 10:52:23

Hi FernandoThis is interesting, as well as the info John D posted, and I have discounted neither because after all it is about getting to the truth and not about sides. Last year I met (through a close friend) a very high ranking freemason (from NZ) and he would not declare his degree, but suffice it to say that the garb he wore (in his recent pic) and the speech he gave at a very plush establishment in London, told me quite a lot about him(and his wife) and when we all went out for the day in Scotland I decided to drop the 9/11 Where Did the Towers Go? bombshell. So ten seconds, (I could have waited longer ) after we were gifted by them with a NZ brooch I then subtly broke into the 9/11 topic and built it up. You could have heard a pin drop in that place. The reaction was one of, “well why waste your time with this nonsense, it’s history, worry about yourselves only and move on”. Of course I stated that the evidence was wholeheartedly undeniable and the more I tried to explain it, the more they, especially her, became irritated. I have been castigated by her as a ‘nothing’ since and she has tried to poison my closest friend to drop me. Must’ve really hit home! Strangely, I haven’t had this sort of reaction from non masons though. So, it is a constant learning process, but in response to your comment about wanting to attack Catholicism because of personal issues, well, in my situation that is not really the case, my step-father was Irish, I grew up with green and white everywhere(Celtic) and I was refused a posting to N.Ireland with the Army partly because of this. I don’t hate religious institutions, I am a Christian (protestant from birth) and believe in letting people practice their faith as long as it’s not harming anyone else. However, at some stage I got suckered into the Jesuit stuff and listened to Jordan Maxwell and someone called ‘SpirituallySmart’ and became quite convinced. How naive of me, to go there…but you’re defintitely right about the ‘endless suspicion and confusion’. One thing I do question is the images you see of world leaders bowing down to the Pope with serious respect and that Tony Blair converted to Catholicism. Why would he do that post Iraq war ? Surely, it’s not just about faith. Is there something else?Hilary

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