Re: “Help me get this on will you?”

From: J D

Date: 2015-04-01 14:30:04

Nice find Ben and should present several problems for the Moon Landing (or indeed space flight) believer? What generated the Cooling liquid in the suit on their walks (I hear TV Studio Cameras can pump out a lot of heat)? Has anyone ever seen a photo of the 2 men in the LEM on the surface of the moon wearing their Suits (I don’t believe there would have been room for the 2 assistants and the 2 astronauts nor the room to store the suits in the LEM)? Or a photo of Buzz getting actually through the hatch (not outside) but as he is coming out/IN? – To cite a few questions.  To: Cognoscence@yahoogro…: Cognoscence@yahoogro…: Wed, 1 Apr 2015 05:12:36 -0700Subject: [Cognoscence] “Help me get this on will you?”   James Burke, a former BBC science TV presenter (who was far better than his modern equivalent Prof. Brian Cox) demonstrates the difficulties of wearing a lunar spacesuit without asking how the hell the Apollo astronauts are supposed to dress in them effectively and safely in the cramped conditions of the Lunar Module cabin:  James Burke and the Apollo A7L spacesuit James Burke and the Apollo A7L spacesuit BBC reporter James Burke describes de Apollo A7L spacesuit View on Preview by Yahoo  

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