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From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-04-07 17:29:01

Was looking at a site today where an ex-pilot Field McConnell is saying various things about the crash of the Germanwings flight, ever since 911 and the likes of John Lear say lots about the flights but then you have Piolts for 911 truth going on and on about something that evidence concludes ‘couldn’t’ have happened with physical planes anyway. So I was curious about this character and the term “uninterruptible pilot system” which does apparently exist but all very secret to those that are actually flying the planes as Field says? I’ve never (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong) actually heard John Lear mention this system in all the interviews on 911? Diagrams: Boeing patents anti-terrorism auto-land system for hijacked airliners – 12/1/2006 – Flight Global Diagrams: Boeing patents anti-terrorism auto-land sy… Article View on Preview by Yahoo Warring I didn’t know it was the Richy Allen show, so apologies in…, this is another subject woven into Ms Roths tale and seems to be vogue at present with all things conspiratory, coincidence? I digress, another link caught my eye and has been promoted, innocently or otherwise on the same sites. But, when I saw the one most were quoting I decided to search Pravda myself but I can’t find the original source for this explosive (I never for one moment thought Putin would do anything as he’s just another side of the same evil coin) 911 update!Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11 Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence o… Russian satellite evidence of 9/11 proves US complicity… View on… Preview by Yahoo  However, not only could I find any original I was diverted by one site to a NASA image on 911 but again as per Dr Wood’s site their satellite is a very tight cropped image and doesn’t extend outwards to show hurricane Erin nor do they mention Dr Wood’s images. Not surprising but one has to wonder what games are afoot as any reference to this area of 911 research might actually trigger links to Dr Wood’s site and the Erin images that the person would find there.Here’s the NASA source that they are all failing to direct people to on 911, I plan to distribute this to all those sites that haven’t already locked comments (Veterans Today to name one) and cite the finder Dr Judy Wood.modis-atmos.gsfc.nas… modis-atmos.gsfc.nas…… View on modis-atmos.gsfc.nas… Preview by Yahoo

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