Jan Irving of Gnostic Media joins the long list of 90-10%ers

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-04-08 12:43:49

FYII’d been listening to Jan Irving podcasts on several subjects and was initially impressed with the people he interviewed and the subject content and his research before each interview. I was however, struck with the lack of mention of Dr Wood on his site. So I did what I do with all the sites and their hosts of those sites, I ask them are they aware of Dr Judy Wood and her work about what happened on 9-11 to the WTC complex? And, why they haven’t interviewed her or Andrew Johnson or presented her work if they are aware? Or, if they are misrepresenting her work ask them why?I’ve did this on various sites including a number of English sites and Project Camelot, Jim Fetzer etc Often I don’t get a reply but every one that does e.g. Kerry Cassidy show exactly the same pattern that Andrew’s book analyses and critiques perfectly. It looks like GnosticMedia and Jan Irving is yet another of the truth tellers that are not tell 100% of the truth and its not an innocent ignorance that we can all understand followed by a conscious correction of that ignorance.Below is my brief exchange and Jan’s reply, if your interested read from the bottom.Hello Jan I’m disappointed by your seeming ignorance of Dr Wood’s work, the moment you use the word ‘Theory’ shows that you either didn’t look at her work or you didn’t understand it, I’ll assume the former as I know your not unintelligent.  It may well be the case that Dr Wood is a Jew herself and I’m more than aware of the Jew being the cause of the destruction that her work actually proves, I’m pretty sure that this would not be lost on an intelligent lady such as Dr Wood? However, if you had actually listened to her, she is quite emphatic that she will only address evidence that pertains to her expertise and forensic study, to my knowledge and research of her work, she is a lady of her word in this regard and doesn’t speculate on geo-political rumours. She does what it says on the tin i.e. investigates What happened and How but leaves the Who did it to those that wish to speculate and debate endlessly and without any action some 14 years on. Or can you indicate with your  geo-political research who within the 911 group that has shown you the has prosecuted i.e. brought evidence to a court  If you had looked at her work then you’d know she had a law suit that whilst it wasn’t allowed to get to discovery stage (within the Jew Legal system) it was not thrown out, this should show even the lay person, that her evidence was that, evidence, as you cannot mount a legal challenge based on ‘theory’. I’m of the opinion based on your response that you have some sort of agenda (your not alone in this regard within the so-called ‘Truth Movement’) to stifle the very empirical Truth that her evidence shows and as yet neither you nor any other person has refuted with a countered empirical challenge (your welcome to challenge her work directly if you can?). Incidentally, you are aware that most of the work of World Jewry is carried out by the white gentile pawns and not Jews themselves, who’s to say you are not one of these malleable white pawns, I presume that’s your inference when you cite Dr Wood as a Jew in your response? You make constant reference to the Trivium and I too now ascribe to its usefulness as a tool when I’m in discussions, so its odd that you spend more time on the person (isn’t that an Ad-homein falacy) than the empirical evidence she presents? Anyway, I appreciate your reply but will not be following any more of what Gnostic media presents, as I’m firmly of the opinion your part of the 90-10% information group, that’s 10% non-truth. I’m only interested in 100% honest truth seekers and researchers. Regards John    > From: contact@gnosticmedia.com > To: john_d_devlin@hotmail.com> Subject: RE: Dr Judy Wood and 911 research> Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2015 21:20:44 +0000> > Dear John,> > Thanks for your note. Being that most of the evidence points toward Israel, I don’t find that Dr. Wood presents a valid theory on 911. It may be because of her own bias – being Jewish. > > Furthermore, her evidence lacks the onus of proof. Energy weapons, etc, but no solid evidence of those weapons and how they work. For the theory to be valid, the establishment of those weapons, how they work, that they were present, etc, is first required. > > Her work seems to me to bring things back on the “government” and “insiders” but not identifying the obvious Jewish connections to it all. > > I’ve looked at her work in the past, but not recently, and I’ve not studied her book. Only some videos and interviews. At the time I didn’t find her theories valid enough to offer her an interview. > > Best,> Jan> > —–Original Message—–> From: John Devlin [mailto:john_d_devlin@hotmail.com] > Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2015 4:21 AM> To: contact@gnosticmedia.com> Subject: Dr Judy Wood and 911 research> > From: John Devlin > Subject: Dr Judy Wood and 911 research> > Message Body:> Hello Jan> > I’m really enjoying your free podcasts and will be considering supporting your research in the future but I’d like you to address something that is bothering me. I’ve searched your site but not extensively and I don’t see any reference to Dr Judy Wood? Why this surprises me is that it is clear that you (and I add myself in this) do a lot of source referenced research, coupled with your use of critical thinking with tools such as the Trivium method to establish the validity of the subjects you air. Yet, when I apply this process to the 911 area (and this is just one area I look at) there is only one person who has actually looked at the evidence in terms of WHAT happened to the 6 WTC prefixed buildings destroyed that day and its Dr Wood with her forensic book. Where did the towers go? Also, being a fan of the work of Burt,Clint and others in the Legal Fiction research, she has been the only one to have gone through that process and it didn’t get thrown out (as most would) for lack of substantive evidence but probably because of the amount of it. So if you’ve studied 911 have you also researched Dr Wood’s work including reading her book? If your not interested in this area then that would answer my concerns if you are or were then what was your conclusion of the evidence she brings forward with her unquestioning scientific qualifications? And, why have you never interviewed her? > > Many thanks for your time.> > John Devlin> > –> This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Gnostic Media (http://www.gnosticmedia.com)>

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