Re: Pravda-putin-threatens-to-release-satellite-evidence-of-911 – R


Date: 2015-04-08 23:02:45

Field McConnell’s narrative as described in ‘Captain Sherlock solves 9/11’ suggests that he is satisfied that the events witnessed at both the WTC towers 1 and 2, and also at the Pentagon were consistent with those of actual ‘planes’ or drones impacting buildings. He does not go on, however, to explain the total lack of evidence supporting this e.g. not one single number stamped part from any crash site including Shanksville.In fact he has gone to lengths to avoid commenting on these simple anomalies, preferring to stick to evidence that there were multiple aerial drills/wargames occurring simultaneously to the events on 9/11. So what? These were just a ‘smoke-screen’.His narrative is also at odds with John Lear’s affidavit which clearly explains, amongst other things, the impossible flight trajectory and speed at the WTC 2 impact of the alleged AA flight 175.McConnell’s narrative is similarly at odds with Dr. Wood’s assessment of the ‘plane’/building interaction.I am therefore deeply sceptical of McConnell’s research and wonder why his current analysis and mantra wrt the Boeing Uninterruptable Autopilot is being given so much credence and ‘play’There’s even a Wikipedia page on the BUA, which gives me even more grounds for suspicion 😉

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