Re: FW: New Madeleine Film Now Online

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-04-16 12:58:27

Haven’t watched the 2nd installment yet but I know it will be just as thoroughly researched and evidence based as the first. I even saw the Richard re-posting any errors or new information that he received and correcting some minor points on his website. Wow! I don’t read newspapers but do you think that ever happens in MSM outlets? I sent the first show’s Link to several people I knew and even a few family member’s and had zero responses. Yet, I know that they all knew far more than I did (albeit from their MSM sources) about the original story and had been enthralled by the drama to the point that they had followed it daily.To pre-empt the 2nd show’s findings and using the conclusions of the first show with my other background knowledge of the players, I’d say that when you have high up government officials rushing to get involved you have to question the motivation? And, yes there is always the positive associative PR element that is bread and butter tool (this is where most people would stop) but when you also have the involvement of National Spy agencies in numerous countries and ‘spin doctors’ directly helping the McCann’s, then my thoughts go to the question, “What are they trying to manage here and why”?

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