Re: FW: This Week’s Radio Show – An Unexpected Surprise.

From: tognola

Date: 2015-04-21 20:06:52

Thanks Andrew,I followed it. I saw a black triangle very close in 1996. It confused me a lot because it looked to real to me yet unexplainable…no noise but a bass buzz and lights painting a trail, causing a blackout at home and window glasses to vibrate.  I always jumped into spiritual info along my research, and today I am convinced it is.But at first I was caught up in the error of thinking all is good because all that is spiritual isn’t bad. Ken Klein is a researcher that helped me to modify a bit my perception, and today I know that although the UFO stuff is real and spiritual it is not without dangers. Here’s a video that shows my convictions up to date if anyone is interested, a painful testimony of an ex new age actress.cheers

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